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Hello, you John Schneider fans!

We have come a long way and now, the wait is finally ending! Due to the insistent public demand, we are finally having back the Smallville limited edition on print, starting today! Fans are demanding, and finally, we can give you guys the good news!

These limited edition shirts would be available before Thanksgiving. While before there were only three colors to choose from – black, white, and gray, now there are many more colors included in your choices. You could have now yellow, red, blue, and pink. We are also having new designs so if you are collecting, you should pre-order now.

Due to how thankful we are to the growing demand, we are giving away one same colored mug for every shirt you buy from us. This is automatically included upon pick up or delivery of our products. If you are going to preorder, you should do it now to avail additional discounts from our products.

We are also going on sale soon for the holiday soon. Stay tuned for more announcement to get as much as 60% discount on our products. This is applicable only to the first 30 checkouts of shopping carts. Free delivery applies to some location.

Stand by for more updates!


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We have reached more than 20K subscribers today! For that, we are giving away 20 gift packs to our lucky subscribers who could answer the question we’d be putting on our site tonight at 9 PM.

Do you think you know John Schneider? Then you’d be able to answer what we have for you easily. Only one answer per account is allowed. The answer would be announced at the end of the week together with the winners. Good luck, folks! Answer correctly!